Hit While Cycling? Know Your Rights

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What To Do If You Were Hit While Cycling

Experiencing a bicycle accident involving a car can be a nerve-wracking and potentially dangerous situation, requiring immediate action to ensure your safety and legal protection.

Assess Your Condition

First and foremost, it’s essential to assess your physical condition following the accident. Even seemingly minor injuries should prompt a call to 911, as accidents between bicycles and cars can result in serious injuries that may not be immediately apparent. Taking prompt action to address any injuries is critical to prevent further complications.

Stay To Document Your Accident

Once you’ve ensured your immediate safety, it’s advisable to remain at the accident scene and engage with law enforcement officers to provide an accurate account of the events leading up to the accident. This information will be invaluable in determining liability and ensuring that your rights are protected.

As a cyclist, adhering to traffic laws, such as stopping at traffic signs and yielding when necessary, not only promotes safety but also strengthens your position in the event of a dispute over fault. Following these rules demonstrates your commitment to safety and responsible behavior on the road.

In addition to seeking medical attention and cooperating with law enforcement, it’s prudent to consider consulting with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. Bicycle accidents involving cars can result in significant injuries and damages, and having legal representation can help ensure that you receive fair compensation for your losses.

By taking these proactive steps and prioritizing your safety, you can navigate the aftermath of a bicycle accident with confidence and protect your rights in the legal process.


What should I do immediately following a bicycle accident involving a car?

Immediately after a bicycle accident involving a car, ensure your safety by assessing any injuries and calling 911 if needed. It’s essential to seek medical attention promptly, even for minor injuries, as they can escalate over time.

How can I determine who is at fault for the accident?

Determining fault in a bicycle accident with a car can be complex and may require an investigation by authorities or legal professionals. Factors such as traffic laws, road conditions, and witness statements will influence the determination of fault.

Are there any specific traffic rules that cyclists should follow to prevent accidents?

Cyclists should adhere to traffic rules such as stopping at traffic signs, signaling turns, and yielding when necessary. Following these rules not only promotes safety but also helps establish credibility in the event of an accident.

Should I seek legal advice even if my injuries seem minor?

Yes, seeking legal advice after a bicycle accident is advisable, even if injuries appear minor. A qualified personal injury lawyer can assess your case, protect your rights, and ensure you receive proper compensation for any damages or injuries sustained.

What steps can I take to ensure that my rights are protected after a bicycle accident?

To protect your rights after a bicycle accident, document the scene, gather witness information, and seek medical attention promptly. Contacting a personal injury lawyer experienced in handling bicycle accident cases can help navigate legal complexities and ensure your rights are upheld throughout the process.

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