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The Sandene Law Firm’s sole purpose is in providing legal representation and guidance to anyone who has been injured by careless people or negligent businesses. We represent regular folks who suddenly find themselves pitted against powerful insurance companies who control all the money and seem to hold all the leverage. An experienced personal injury attorney can tilt the leverage and give the upper hand back to you – the person who was injured through no fault of their own. 

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Defending the Rights of the Underserved Against Insurance Overreach

You’ve probably never thought about negotiating an injury claim before, but the insurance company has, and they’ve been perfecting their craft for decades with a primary objective of maximizing shareholder profits by minimizing what they pay you on your claim. They’re not good neighbors, they’re capitalists. Of course, capitalism works best when people and businesses compete on a level playing field. 

At the Sandene Law Firm we take pride in representing underdogs in their claims against industry goliaths. And we win, time and time again. Not because we’re lucky, but because we know the rules, we know their tricks, and we’re not afraid to stand up to bullies.  

Practice Areas

Motor Vehicle Crashes

Pedestrian vs. Motor Vehicle Crashes

Motorcycle and Bike Crashes

Dog Bite

Wrongful Death

Slip & Fall


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